Reliable Chiropractic Clinic in the Blacktown Area

Norwest Chiropractic helps people of all ages, economic and social status as well as ethnicity who may be living in the Blacktown area. Our clinic will address various conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and a lot more. Repetitive motions, spine misalignment, injury, and even the aging process may have caused these physical maladies. Regardless of the reason behind your affliction and your pain, our professional chiropractors are always ready to help you, whether you are from Acacia Gardens, Bidwill, Colebee, or Dean Park.

Why Us?

Several other clinics offer similar services so why should you choose Norwest Chiropractic? There are several reasons why you need to do so. First of all, we are a trusted provider of chiropractic services. We have helped countless patients from Eastern Creek, Glendenning, and Hebersham. Nothing compares to us in terms of experience as we have been in this industry for 30 years. We serve patients between the ages 5-90 years old.

Norwest Chiropractic is a family oriented clinic that is made up of qualified and highly-skilled chiropractors and massage therapists. We use different treatments depending on our patient’s condition. These may include traditional chiropractic manipulation methods or low force treatments.

What Are Our Services?

We treat patients with sport injuries, which they might have sustained when doing exercises or during a competition. Our sports therapy uses various methods like spinal manipulation, which involves using a certain type of force directed in a specific direction to fix fixated, locked up, or improperly moving joint. An ultrasound treatment or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation may also be used.

Norwest Chiropractic also offers massage therapies to patients who may be from Lalor Park, Minchinbury, or Stanhope Gardens. These therapies aim to provide relieve from stress and tension. We do this by mobilising and softening the patient’s tight and contracted muscles. Our massage therapies include the Swedish massage, remedial massage, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, and the sports massage.

Lastly, we provide chiropractic adjustments. These treatments focus on a wide array of conditions ranging from acute pain to chronic disorders. These also involve rehabilitation exercises and ergonomic recommendations. Besides that, we also cater to the chiropractic needs of pregnant women. A few of the conditions that we address are low back pain, neck pain, slipped discs, herniation, rib pain, breathing difficulties, vertigo, and postural problems.

Setting Expectations

Our team here at Norwest Chiropractic is always ready to assist you with your chiropractic needs. During your initial consultation, you should expect assessments, history taking, and tests to be conducted. This will last for about 45 minutes. You will be asked to fill out a few forms once you enter the clinic. You will be then directed to a private treatment room where further assessments will be conducted. Once done, your chiropractor will discuss your condition and the treatments to resolve it. After your initial consultation, your subsequent sessions would last around 30 minutes. The first 15 minutes will focus on soft tissue therapy while the remaining 15 minutes will be for other therapies.

If you have finally decided to seek the assistance of an experienced chiropractor, do not hesitate to contact Norwest Chiropractic right away.