High-Quality Chiropractic Care in the Parramatta Area

Countless individuals have benefitted from health advantages provided by chiropractic care’s drug-free approach. It offers relief from the pain that you might be enduring in various parts of your body, a reprieve from stress and tension, as well as improvement in body’s nerve communication, posture, and physical function.

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Who should you turn to if you wish to enjoy all these benefits? Your first and final choice should be Norwest Chiropractic. We cater to the chiropractic needs of patients from various locations including those who may be residing in the Parramatta area. Our family oriented chiropractic clinic has been around for 30 years so, you will be guaranteed that you will be in expert hands. We are a proud member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia and the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia. Our professional chiropractors and massage therapists will help you have an ongoing wellness through the many services that we offer. We would also assist you in keeping a balanced body, which is also fully functional and healthy. We cater to the needs of people of all ages who may be from Baulkham Hills, Camellia, Dundas Valley and Ermington.

Chiro Adjustments

Chiro adjustments are among our highly sought after services and are popular among those who live in Granville, Merrylands, and Rydalmere. We use various techniques including rehabilitation exercises and traditional chiropractic manipulation. The methods that we use are tailored according to the needs of our patients and the health issue that might have. These services are given to people who may have been suffering from low back pain, which may have been caused by a prolapsed disk, osteoarthritis or ankylosing spondylitis. We also address other issues like neck pain, disc herniation or a prolapsed disc, headache, sciatic pain, rib pain and breathing difficulties. The other conditions that we help relieve are vertigo, postural problem, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, shoulder pain, and rotator cuff injuries.

Sports Injury

Sports Therapy is given to those who have suffered injuries while doing routine exercises or while taking part in a game or competition. We at Norwest Chiropractic use different methods to treat the affected muscles and joints. We may utilize spinal manipulation, ultrasound, and TENS. A chiropractic adjustment is carried out to help joints regain their normal function and motion after being fixated or locked up. In terms of spinal manipulation, chiropractors may use their hands or special instruments. A sports therapy may also use ultrasound. It comes with several benefits like boosting the healing process, reducing the swelling, and softening of the scar tissue. TENS or transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This non-invasive procedure uses electrical currents to stimulate the affected nerves to decrease the pain felt by patients with acute or chronic conditions like joint pain, muscular spasm, and muscle atrophy.

Massage Therapy

At Norwest Chiropractic, we also offer various types of massage therapies. We practice the Swedish massage, which relieves tensions that may have accumulated in the muscles. We also offer remedial massage, which is given to help the patient’s body return to its normal health after suffering an injury, and lymphatic drainage, which relaxes the nervous system to encourage a free-flowing lymphatic system. We also provide a pregnancy massage and sports massage.
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